Location Sound Recordist For Short Film

Location Sound Recordist For Short Film

Steve Thompson is a location sound recordist for short film.

His sound for audio visual services are scalable for a range of project sizes: from a single soundie who boom ops and records, to a full script to screen audio service involving colleague sound engineers who are specially selected by SSOUND for their expertise.


  • Pre Production Sound: Professional audio consultation from the beginning of your project, with experienced advice covering location choices, and costumer design to conceal miniature microphones. A few minutes of careful thought in pre production can save hours in post.


  • Production Sound: Production mixer, boom op, and 2nd boom op where required.


  • Audio Post Production: Including foley and customer sound effects recording | Voice over and ADR | Dialogue mixing to broadcast standards | sound design, music composition | Final dubbing mix. For further details please see here


Steve Thompson is based in the North West | (Manchester / Lancashire), but records sound on locations UK wide, for short and feature film.

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‘I’m Passionate About Storytelling, and Its Technical Process’


Having worked as a sound recordist for both the BBC and independently on factual and drama productions, I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to so involved in bringing both real, and imaginative stories to life.

I’ve had a lifelong interest in film and and although my technical area is predominantly sound, being such an avid consumer of a range of cinematic genres, I see things from a viewers perspective.

Most importantly, I’m thinking beyond simply pressing record and capturing natural sounding audio. That is of course very important, but I go further than that, and consider how the sound which I’m recording will be received by the viewer, and how it’s supporting or even driving the story telling.


Experienced In Modern Edit Workflows


Trained to modern industry standards at the School Of Sound Recording, (SSR) I understand conventional sync and edit workflows. I also keep pace with the latest developments in IP based and proxy editing. Directors I’ve worked with have found my audio to video workflow proposals both helpful and flexible, in order to suit their film edit needs.

Having a number of years experience working within BBC news gathering, I can adapt my file transfer and audio to video sync workflow to fit fast turn around goals. Get in touch to discuss the most suitable audio to video workflow for your project.


All Audio Takes Will Have Timecode Embedded and Are Labelled To Match The Shot List


As well as all audio files holding excellently accurate timecode generated by my Sound Devices 633, I offer a range of solutions for ensuring the camera records the exact same timecode. For cameras that have an ability to professionally hold their own timecode digitally, I have the cables for jam syncing multiple cameras to my Sound Devices recorder, and to sustain perfect sync via Ambient Lockit boxes. Even for cameras that can’t hold their own timecode, I have a 2 x Tentacle Sync devices, for striping audio binary timecode to one of the audio inputs on the camera, (including on DSLRs). In fact, what ever camera you’re using, if it has an audio inputs, I can maintain recorded sound and camera sync.

My sound career has included work in audio post production. I can therefore add value when working for you as a sound recordist, because I consider the most efficient delivery specifications for the recorded audio.


Sound Recordist With Equipment


I own equipment from the most trusted names in the business. Including;

Sound Devices 633 Location Sound Mixer | Solid State Field Recorder

Wisycom MTP40s Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

Lectrosonics SMDB Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

4 x Sennheiser G3 EW112p Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

4 x DPA 4071 Miniature microphones

2 x Sanken Cos 11 Lav microphones

A range good of sounding and comfortable miniature microphone concealing options

Sennheiser 416 Shotgun microphone

Sennheiser 8070  Shotgun microphone

location sound recordist for short film


Professional Location Sound Recording –  Always – Wherever


I love being able to acquire high definition audio in remote and challenging locations. Over the last number of years, I’ve become very well set up for this.

  • My sound recording bag has more than enough battery power to run all day.
  • I’ve got a range of waterproofing solutions to take on the weather.

Whether up a on hill;

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In A Field On A Cold Day…


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Or in front of a 25,000 tone rock blast in a Quarry;


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…You can expect excellently accurate and natural sounding audio, that works just right for your picture.


High Quality, Highly Resilient Wireless Audio To Camera

Safety on set is a top priority. To avoid one of the most common risks, I can remove audio cable trip hazards by use of high quality wireless audio transmission to camera. The transmitter system I use was a £4,500 investment to my business: but that means it has just about the best range and most resilience to inference of any wireless product available.

I Learn The Script

I know that with scripted drama, one of the keys to a great boom op performance, is knowing the script. As standard with my service, you can expect me to be fully across the script, so that once I’m on set, I know how to best capture the audio.

Expert Critical Listener

Having experience in recording at a wide range of both interior and external filming locations, I’m great at identify sources of problematic noise on set. I also know the tolerances: on some productions and locations, there are limitations. Through experience I am able to judge whether any on set noise is critical or whether a wild track is required.

I’m available for pre production location reccies and meetings. A number of my previous customers have gained extra value to their projects by coming to me early on in their pre production for sound consultation.


Most Recent Credits:

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