Countryside Filming Locations Lancashire | Greater Manchester

Looking For A Countryside Filming Location For Your Shoot?

Location sound recordist Steve Thompson happens to live on a farm. where there are a range of countryside filming locations which he hires out to film and programme makers.

SSOUND’s Clitheroe recording studio is based on the farm too, so indoor facilities include electricity, toilets, kitchen, and an location production office space.

Bellow are a few inspirations of rural | country and farm filming locations available at Steve’s farm;

(This is by no means an exhaustive list: the farm is over 80 acres. So if you’ve got another countryside location in mind for your shoot, call Steve and see what other sites he can offer at his farm. Get in touch: 0787 0743 976 or


Haunted Woodland Filming Location

Abandoned Tree House

Forest Opening - Dark

Mysterious Forest Filming Location

Forest Opening - Light

Forest Track Filming Location

Forest Track 2

Forest Track

Country Lane Filming Location

Forest Track 3

Hillside Farm Filming Location

Hillside Farm

Log Pile Filming Location

Large Log Pile

Machines | Excavators Filming Location


Metal Stuff Filming Location

Metal Barracade

Trashed Motors Filming Location

Scrap Motors

Small Scrap Yard 1

Scrap Yard Filming Location

Small Scrap Yard 2

Small Scrap Yard 4

Tunnel Filming Location


Woodland Filming Location

Woodland 2


Farm | Field Filming Location

Rolling Hills