Sound Engineer For Video In Manchester

Sound Engineer For Video In Manchester


Royalty Free Music & Original Music Tracks For Video


Steven Thompson has written music for both royalty free (buy out), and also bespoke composition for video.


  •     Salford City Radio Ramp And Sung Jingle
  •     Steve Thompson - Progressive Piano Dance Instrumental
  •     Steve Thompson - Nu Disco Instrumental Track 1
  •     Steve Thompson - Nu Disco Instrumental Track 2
  •     Pop / Funky Instrumental
  •     Piano Dance Instrumental
  •     Pop Promo Instrumental


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Steven Thompson is a sound engineer for video in Manchester. He is;


  • Has promotional and corporate video music composer.


  • A location sound recordist for dialogue



While also working for the BBC, Steve is well accustomed in the preparation of broadcast ready audio. Video soundtracks can be mastered to either ITU EBU R.128 – 23LUFS standard, or other loudness requirement from the client: optimised for the video’s intended platform/s.

Find out more about the voice over services that we offer for corporate video, by clicking here.

Previous sound for video clients include Trailer Teq, Homeserve, Marco Fanton Media Productions, CVT Broadcast, and Fast Grass. Here are some examples.



Original Music For Video Example



Multi skilled Sound And Video Operator

Steven Thompson is versatile and possess skills across media production. In addition to voicing and producing bespoke music for Fast Grass’s promotional video, Steven  also scripted and filmed the piece:


Producer For TV and Radio Commercials

Steve Thompson has also produced commercials, including content aired on Manchester’s Key 103.

  •     College Advert Aired On Key 103
  •     Radio Advert Aired On Key 103 - Keep Britain Tidy Campaign
  •     Radio Advert Aired On Key 103 - Highways Safety


Most Recent Credits:

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